Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Ratings

I've never put a rating on my books, but since people sometimes ask, I will tell you the age appropriateness of all my books. Keep in mind, I've never been one that is into censoring my characters. I let their personalities shine through, and contrary to popular belief, I won't change them to make them more appealing to mass crowds. I don't claim that any of my books characters should be your role model, I'm not trying to set good examples or mold the minds of young people. It is what it is, and if you don't like it- don't read it.
BE WARNED: Reading these might give away slight spoilers. Reader beware.

HollywoodTimelines series

The Last Thing: Probably the steamiest of all my books and I recommend it for ages 17 and up. We have a playboy hero, unplanned pregnancies, and lots of  parties.

The One Thing: So we have a  party binge drinking heroine and a foul-mouthed musician. You do the math. Skip the epilogue if you want to keep the steam factor to a zero.

Bash: There is alcohol and drug use. 16 and up to appreciate.

Maria: Adult themes with adoption and romance. Teen readers.

Just Caspian: 16 and up. No foul language or sex in this book. A clean romance that requires a box of tissues.

Ethereal Underground Series: YA age, no foul language or sex. Be warned this series is no professionally edited and it is my first book, which means rough lol.

Falling: Though this book is part of the EU series, I'd say this one has more romance than the others. More kissing and such.

Cabalin: All ages, same as Ethereal Underground series.

To The Steadfast: I'm calling this a mature YA/ coming of age romance. Read at your own risk.

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