Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Who is Mischa Cromwell to me?

In celebration of my newest release, To The Steadfast, I thought I'd explain who this book means to me.
First off, let me explain that this book is a work of fiction. The characters aren't real, and it never happened to me. That being said, I think we all can relate to one of the characters. Maybe not currently, but we were all young and inexperienced at one time. So
Are you Cody? In love with someone who will never return that love and desperately searching to acceptance in the world.
Are you Mischa? Who tries so hard to get a foot up in the world, but can never escape who you are or where you came from.
Are you Killian? Carefree but stuck in a world where your image is everything.
Are you Violet? Damaged beyond repair, longing for someone to finally understand you.
Are you Lydia? Tired of living a perfect life, and honest to the core.
Are you Bassam? Pushed from all sides to do better, be better.

What is the steadfast? The steadfast is a love beyond understanding. It's a part of humanity that we can never get rid of.
We've all felt the steadfast, the steadfast makes us who we are and what we are. The steadfast controls our impulses and guides our judgement. The steadfast is blind at times, and at other helps us see clearly that which we've never experienced before.

Was this book based off real life people? In a way. The Cromwells represent what all kids like in school. The cool kids. Have we all been in love with someone who would not and could not love us back? Yes, I believe most of us have, but without that love we are incapable of figuring ourselves out. Mistakes make us who we are. Mistakes help us appreciate those we love.
So, to answer my original question.
Mischa Cromwell is a figment of my imagination, but pieces of him are scattered through my heart. The pain of rejection, the obsessiveness of acceptance. The stubbornness I possess when I say, I will never,ever give up.
Who is Mischa Cromwell to you?